Sandy Smith Animal Medium, Psychic and Healer

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Sandy Smith Animal Medium, Psychic and Healer

Changing the way we interact with Animals with Loving Energy

Pet Communication and Healing

"If I had to sum up in a few words what animals mean to me it would be deep compassion and unconditional love."

This is what I'm continually being taught by the Pets and Animals I communicate with. I love all animals and I love working with them. I have found that there is
an innocence and natural sweetness that is apparent from the first moment I look at them and tune into them. When one is intuitively open, they can see though
to the soul of a pet.

As a healer and pet communicator I love that Pets are not influenced by the pressures and preconceived notions and beliefs that we humans have. Pets are
usually pretty simplistic, their thoughts are free flowing, they appreciate those that care for them, they love unconditionally and they will unconditionally love

In many ways they are a lot like us with their likes and dislikes and their types of personalities and preferences. They can have fears and concerns, some are fun
and love to play, others like to be entertained, some extroverts, others introverts, some play it safe and stay in their safe environment, where others like to
journey out and see what life is about, not concerned with the consequences.

It is for these reasons that I do the work I do. My heart is in it also for the Pet Guardians of the wonderful spirits that I work with.  There is no greater feeling than
to know I've helped bring healing and a sense of peace and understanding to a pet and their person. Or to help one communicate with a pet that has crossed
over to the other side.  There is a sweetness in me working with divine spirit and with pets that are ill or in a hospice state of being as well as working with their
loved-ones, to bring resolution and peace so that they can find a sense of serenity and clarity to make necessary decisions that are for their pets highest good.

Respecting an animal is vitally important too. They don't have the voice to tell me if they would like to communicate with me; so before I begin to open up the
channel of communication; I always ask their permission to speak with them. If I am doing energy work with a pet, I also ask their permission. I want the pet to
know that their feelings and desires are equally as important to me as is their persons.

I actually didn't start out working with pets but I always loved animals. I grew up with a household full of pets and have several rescues of my own. Years later
I realized that I was communicating with them without knowing that was what I was doing.

In fact we all do this, many of us just are not aware that we are. I even did healing on pets without understanding at the time that was what I was doing.

What Initiated My Work With Animals

Several years ago I went to a friend’s birthday party.  He asked me to come into a room with him, that he needed to ask me a question, when I entered the room
there was this beautiful long-haired calico kitty named Joey.  He was sitting on the bed, and my friend asked me to tell him what was going on with Joey. I sat next
to him and started to pet him. He had a sweet personality. I got from him that his person, Don, wouldn't listen to him. Joey showed me that he had kidney pain and
he no longer wanted treatment. He wanted to be left alone. He said that the treatment was painful. Don was taking Joey in to the Veterinarians to have his kidney's
flushed and Joey was tired of it.  I relayed the information to my friend. Then I told Don what Joey had shared with me.

Unfortunately, Don never listened. Two weeks later Don called me frantically; told me that Joey was sitting outside getting sun and then took off. I connected with
Joey again.

Joey didn't really talk to me. He didn't want Don to find him.  But he did show me bushes in Don's backyard and a trail to the bushes. I told Don, this is where Joey
is going.  When Don went and checked the bushes Joey wasn't there.  Two weeks later Don was doing yard work and decided to look in the bushes again and there
was little Joey's body.

In my last communication with Don, little Joey came through. Joey let him know that he left because Don refused to listen to him.

It was because of Joey that I started out on this journey communicating with pets. Then there was my little Maggie (a pet rat); sadly she was dying of a brain tumor.
When I would hold her up in my hands and pear into her soft eyes, she would always appear to me as a beautiful angel, I felt such warmth and serenity from her;
she also communicated a trust in me and that met so much to me. Allowing myself to be guided by prayer and a feeling that it was the right thing to do, I made the
decision to not have Maggie euthanized, to have her go naturally.

Although, I made this decision Maggie was not in pain. She was kept on Morphine and she would sleep on my pillow next to my head. And I was with her when she
took her final breath. She was beautiful and peaceful and I know I honored her and did the right thing.  Both Maggie and Joey were my teachers on this amazing
journey of self-discovery. I am continually learning from working with these blessed souls, and have gained a clearer sense of unconditional love, patience, deeper
fulfillment of compassion, and making decisions based on "whats right" verses "what I want, or what makes me feel comfortable."

These beautiful souls opened up my world in a way that has truly blessed me and I feel very honored to have the ability to communicate with them and to bring
them healing.

My work includes Animal communication, energy work for behavioral issues or health issues, communication and energy work when a pet is terminally ill, and
assistance to help make them more comfortable at the time of their transition.  I will also accompany a pet's loved one to the veterinarian office to bring peace and
healing to both of them if a beloved pet has to be euthanized, or if a pet has to be euthanized and their person feels it is just too painful to go and be with them,
then I will go and stay with your beloved pet until they have completely made their transition. I know that this is a sad and difficult situation for both the pet and
their loved ones.

My work also includes helping you to find the perfect fit when adopting a new pet to the family. I work with the personalities of the people and pets that are
currently in the home, the environment, and the needs and personality of the perspective adopted pet. Then I work with the energy of all the personalities during
the initial stages of the homecoming to help assure a smooth integration of the new pet.

What People are saying about Sandy Smith
"Amazingly, Sandy Smith knew information about an unborn infant's health despite the fact that all the blood tests and sonograms indicated no abnormalities."
Dr. Bijan Daneshgar, Encino, CA

"I was amazed at the intricate details of certain parts of my childhood that you touched on, and later in life along with thoughts from my mother who had passed and the
information regarding the illness of my dog that no one knew about." J. Aggie, Orange County, CA_____________
________Read the recent Tolucan Times article about Sandy Smith

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